The Dr. Louis G. Lamothe Foundation (LGLF) aims to fight exclusion through social dialogue, by bringing citizens into community-based organisations where their voices can be heard, and by exposing them to the power of knowledge and social responsibility so that they can make a contribution to the dialogue and knowledge exchange and the social transformation of their own country. 


The Foundation is an initiative that aims to carry on Dr. Louis G. Lamothe’s work in the social responsibility space in the fight for the emergence of an inclusive and united Haitian society.

Our first project: Transforming Nan Panyol into a Smart Village 

The Dr. Louis G. Lamothe Foundation aims to transform the community of Nan Panyol into a Smart Village. Our first step in doing so, is reconstructing the Nan Panyol Classic Training Centre.


 Find out more about the Smart Village concept here.